Private and Online

Do you have a last minute audition, an on-set issue or need to consult on your career?

Private one-on-one coaching is the norm for athletes and can quickly advance your career. Use your time as a private class, for a specific audition, or to go over material for a job you have booked so you go into the casting room or on set prepared, relaxed and confident.

Self taping is the new normal. Prep, coach and tape in Nahanni’s studio or the studio of your choice. Nahanni can also help you set up your own home studio, and show you how to do self tape auditions that book the job.

Career Consultation can save you hours, months and even years of figuring things out by yourself! Have an experienced and objective advisor go through your career plan and create action steps so you get clear, focused, and closer to your goals as a  thriving working actor!

Private coaching, Self tapes and career consultations either in person, or by phone, Skype, or FaceTime.

Email for an appointment.

    $80 for one hour private coaching, self tape or career consult session
    $210 for 3 sessions
    $420 for 6 sessions
    $600 for 10 sessions