When I started modelling, it wasn’t regarded as an asset to an acting career, but it was so lucrative and fun that I couldn’t resist the opportunity. I soon discovered that acting was my strength as a model. I never felt skinny enough or perfect enough, but I did love to act and the clothes and locations became the “script” and story I would interpret for the camera. So my detour into print became a long lasting career which took me around the world and enriched my life experience which is the well I draw on as an actor. It was also a great side job between acting gigs! It got me into commercials, both SAG and ACTRA unions, and I did my first movie in Milan while there on modelling assignments.

Someday I will post a collection of work from when I started in Paris, working for Vogue. This is more recent work, as I moved from glamazon to mature lady and Mom!


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