Writing for Actors

Instructor: Nahanni Johnstone
Price: $420

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The hardest thing about being an actor is waiting for that phone to ring. It puts you in a place of feeling lack, powerlessness, and fear that it never WILL ring. Which does nothing for your confidence or your self worth! which, in turn, hurts your auditions and makes you feel like a lowly unemployed and needy actor. Not good.

If that sounds familiar, the class is for you. If you have no idea what you have to say, this class is for you. If you know what you want to say and need support developing your screenplay, this class is for you.

If you are an artist, you do have lots to say, even if you don’t know what it is yet, and your voice counts. Your experience shared is valuable, can help your fellow humans and can also be a vehicle for your talent. It can become your career. The process of writing is artistic and creative and just doing it, even as a brand new beginner, infuses you with creative power and makes you attractive to other artists….and to casting directors.

This class is an ongoing writing group that has a 6 week commitment. Using meditation and improv exercises to prime creativity, writers will write in class during timed sessions and read their material, casting each other. At the end of each session we will have a staged reading night where we invite friends, relatives, and your team to see your work in progress.

Nahanni was mentored by Curt Dempster, the late Artistic Director of Ensemble Studio Theatre in NYC, where writers such as David Mamet and John Patrick Shanley workshopped material in a 99 seat theatre off off Broadway. Mr Dempster championed emerging playwrights and was adept at getting writers to dig deeper within themselves for the material that had the most meaning for them as well as audiences.

Working at EST as a playwright and director was one of the most creative and empowering experiences of my career. I learned to step out of my comfort zone and commit to myself as an artist on many levels, and the best thing was it was all self generated! I was so charged up that my acting auditions had a different quality to them and I began booking more and more jobs…because I wasn’t needing them to fulfill me. I was doing that job myself, with my theatre group. I want to bring that spirit of work to my students, to show them what they can do to build long lasting artistic careers. 



This is what student Dylan House had to say:

Nahanni has mentioned a creative vortex that sucks opportunities towards you once you start making your own work and taking control of your career. I can tell you first hand that this vortex is very real. I started working on my short film in September and in the next breath, my number of auditions per week skyrocketed and so too did the number of callbacks. Last week, I had four auditions, two callbacks and two holds for projects that I auditioned for. I also booked a supporting lead role in an independent feature film and a Canadian national commercial for a major beverage company. I feel a noticeable increase in confidence when I walk into the room now that I’m focusing on creating my own work as well as auditioning for other people’s
projects. Clearly this has translated to better auditions from the perspective of casting as well.
All that said, my advice would be to empower yourself by making your own work! It’s a scary proposition to share your own work with the world, but Nahanni’s acting classes and writing workshops gave me the courage to start sharing. If this excites you, but you feel a little blocked or unable to take the first (or next) step, Nahanni’s classes and workshops are a fantastic place
to play and find your voice.

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