On Camera Acting & Audition Technique

Instructor: Nahanni Johnstone
Price: $420 for 6 classes, $600 for 10 classes

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Technology pushes the film and TV industry to constantly evolve stylistically, and acting must evolve with it. In this class, we will address the needs of HD cameras using monitors to show actors exactly how they are being seen by casting directors and producers.

Using scripts from current television and films, you will work at your individual level to prepare scenes you could expect at an audition. You will learn to use exercises you can easily apply to auditions and on set situations to solve problems, access emotion, overcome nerves and be your most authentic self. All class work is taped and provided for actors to review for further learning, or to share with their agents to show progress.

I have been working in front of a camera for years (and I still get nervous!), so I know what it’s like to perform under pressure at auditions and on set. I like to keep things simple and use techniques I can easily remember to access what I need for a scene, or adjust to a direction. I share the best of what I have learned to make acting fun, doable, and to demystify the process. I show you what works for me, and other actors I know who work consistently.

I am always looking to grow as an actor and artist, and support my students to evolve and empower themselves!

– Nahanni

Auditing is always free!

 Time:  6:30pm-9:30pm

Pricing for the summer and through 2019 

$80 per class

$210 for 3 classes

$420 for 6 classes

$600 for 10 classes

Redeemable for private coaching, self tapes, online coaching or career counselling


 Tuesdays &Thursdays  Ongoing


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