On Camera Weekend Workshops Toronto

Instructor: Nahanni Johnstone
Price: $295 or 4 class credits when purchasing a "class pack"

Milestone Studios, 400 Eastern ave #201a
Toronto, ON M4M 2K9

This is  On Camera Acting boot camp! These weekend workshops are for actors who want to hone their film and television audition and on set skills, and maximize the results of each audition they do.

Auditioning can be stressful, but these workshops are taught in  safe and supportive environment that simulates the audition, allowing actors to make audition mistakes that can be corrected before being seen by casting directors!

You get an opportunity to audition for a major casting director;  You aren’t just auditioning for that one role, you are auditioning for everything that casting director has coming up in the next few months! You need to leave a lasting and positive impression, and to understand how to prepare for this in a quick and efficient manner, at the same time coping with nerves and rearranging your life to accommodate this sudden gift!

Auditions are taped, and many are now self-taped. Acting styles have changed radically in recent decades to reflect the evolving technology. The HD medium requires natural, authentic, thought based acting that is relaxed and confident. The camera sees everything, magnifies everything. It sees what you are thinking.

“Having worked in front of cameras for over 30 years, I know what it’s like to  have to perform in a stressful environment. I’ve learned from lots of experience and many mistakes in my acting career what works and what doesn’t!  I teach my students how to avoid traps and support themselves with the most powerful tips, simple exercises, and a few of my own secrets that have booked me jobs, and now my students are booking major film and TV roles with these tools…I demystify the process of acting, making it fun and accessible, even to the beginner. I simplify the business so you have a plan and attainable goals for your career, whether you are novice or working actor, and I am open to any questions my actors have, whether they are craft or career related. It’s not enough to be a good actor, a strong mindset and business sense are also necessary!’


The weekend intensives includes exercises in:

  • How to relax and breathe on the mark, and the importance of being You
  • How to handle nerves, knowing that You Are Enough
  • How to access emotion, using what’s already there
  • How to move on camera: look like a pro onscreen
  • How to build a “character” , a misunderstood term, in 4 simple steps
  • How to memorize: tips and tricks to make it easier and use time efficiently
  • Audition do’s that students can then use at home on their own when preparing for auditions. Learn to self diagnose and self direct!
  • Audition don’ts: what to avoid!
  • Script analysis, understanding tone and genre differences
  • Blueprints: Making a plan for your next career steps

Actors will be working on camera and will be provided with multiple sets of audition sides (scripts) from current tv shows or films, and are welcome to bring in material of their choice, or current auditions. Scenes will be taped and emailed to actors with notes and suggestions. Class size is limited to ensure each actor’s individual needs are addressed.


October 5 & 6  On Camera Fundamentals and On Camera Auditions

Get clear on the basics. What is required for strong on camera acting and auditions. Authenticity and thought, emotional access and script analysis, as well as technical aspects such as entrances,  exits, marks, eyelines etc.

Learn to manage your nerves!

November 2 & 3  Advanced On Camera Acting-Leading Roles and Series Regulars

Prep for those larger roles quickly and effectively! How to “make interesting choices”, how to relax under pressure, the importance of confidence and MINDSET, checklists to help you stay on track when you have no time to prep!

Learn to manage your crazy! (the next level of nerves)

December 7 & 8 Self Tape Success

Create self tapes that won’t be ignored! How to set up your own home studio within your budget, and create a travel kit so you don’t miss any when you have to be out of town! How to make entrances and exits, framing, sound, light and self directing. This is an essential tool in every actor’s kit!

Learn to self-direct and manage your career!

Email workshop registration requests and questions along with headshots, resumes and casting age range to nahanni.studio@gmail.com

10am-5pm Saturday and Sunday





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