I’ve had the pure joy and pleasure doing one on one coaching with Nahanni Johnstone. Becoming an actor can be a fairly intimidating, especially for a new actor like me, and I must say I have been so lucky to have Nahanni throughout this incredible journey. She is authentic, compassionate and very knowledgable. I always leave feeling confident, supported, prepared and excited for auditions. I have worked with other acting coaches that offer an a,b,c approach to acting which did not work well for me. Her acting techniques and style are current, modern unlike anything you’ve experienced and will completely change your perspective of acting. She is passionate and truly cares about her students.

Within a few shorts months of coaching with her, I began booking major roles in independent films and commercials for companies such as: Samsung, Google Glass (game teaser), Christie Digital Projector Screens and Centennial College. She offers encouragement and constructive criticism. It’s been a experience. Nahanni, has been, and continues to be dedicated to helping me achieve my goals. If you are serious about pursuing an acting career, then Nahanni is your girl!   – Ashlyn Eliza



Nahanni is not only an extremely talented actress, but she has an additional gift for teaching. Her methods allow for her students to feel comfortable in front of the camera while naturally leading them into a deeper emotional state. She has the ability to detect the smallest details that, when changed, improve a performance dramatically. As an individual, she is charismatic, charming and simply an absolute pleasure.

She is by far my favorite acting coach I have ever worked with and would highly recommend her.
– Lauren Howe




Acting does not have to be hard. Acting is supposed to be fun…Nahanni is the teacher who showed me a different way, who taught me how to ‘play’, as an actor and that is precisely when I started to have success in my own career. I used to think it was all
so complicated…She shows you the path that will make it simple and fun beyond anything you would expect. As a coach and a teacher, and as a successful working actor herself, she truly understands our fears when we approach an audition, or a job, and has this nurturing way of helping us free ourselves up, get us out of our “over thinking” head, to put us right there in the moment…and boy is it fun! She is a blessing for anyone who wants to live creatively and not take themselves so damn seriously!
– Lisa Masters





Nahanni has grit. She’s as real as it gets. Her dedication as a coach has always been paramount (I remember her driving me to my callback and sitting in the car with her minutes before, needless to say, i booked the role!) She always offers helpful advice when it comes to tackling certain roles and breaks it down the way it is.

She has an amazing way of coaching and because she has a few different techniques under her belt, she lets her students try different methods if one doesn’t stick. It also helps that she’s a working actress and also shares her insight.

This industry can sometimes be fickle and you can end up working with someone that is more interested in getting you to sign up for courses than actually teaching you, Nahanni isn’t that person. I have grown as an actor with Nahanni and I’m very thankful that she has been directly and indirectly instrumental in my journey as an actor, I would highly recommend her!

Sarah Lian



After 23 years of working in Vancouver, I worked with Nahanni on auditions, to update my technique, stay current, sharp and focused. Nahanni’s approach is simple, uncomplicated and helps me find the truth of what I am saying rather than acting it. She helps me to keep my work subtle and appropriate for HD cameras. As an actor trained in the theatre, I really appreciate having a coach who is an actor with a lot of on-set experience. I can trust her to point out to me what works on camera. She lets me know when I am truthful and when I am “pushing”, and reminds me that I don’t have to try so hard. Nahanni has helped me book a lot of gigs!

Brock Johnson

Brock Johnson @ imdb


Nahanni has mentioned a creative vortex that sucks opportunities towards you once you start making your own work and taking control of your career. I can tell you first hand that this vortex is very real. I started working on my short film in September and in the next breath, my number of auditions per week skyrocketed and so too did the number of callbacks. Last week, I had four auditions, two callbacks and two holds for projects that I auditioned for. I also booked a supporting lead role in an independent feature film and a  national commercial for a major beverage company. I feel a noticeable increase in confidence when I walk into the room now that I’m focusing on creating my own work as well as auditioning for other people’s projects. Clearly this has translated to better auditions from the perspective of casting as well.
All that said, my advice would be to empower yourself by making your own work! It’s a scary proposition to share your own work with the world, but Nahanni’s acting classes and writing workshops gave me the courage to start sharing. If this excites you, but you feel a little blocked or unable to take the first (or next) step, Nahanni’s classes and workshops are a fantastic place
to play and find your voice.

-Dylan House

Dylan House and Casey McMahon on set


Nahanni is one of the rare individuals who walks into your life and changes the way you view things. She is a dedicated, passionate and inspiring individual.

She speaks with a vast knowledge about acting as craft, and about the industry. She communicates what she’s experienced to help her students gain a better understanding of the industry as a whole – and really how to market themselves properly.

It is rare to have an acting teacher who is still relevant in the industry and I feel lucky to have the opportunity to be Nahanni’s student. When I watch Nahanni act, I feel honored and proud to be her student. She remains true to the technique that she teaches; she takes risks, she has fun and she lives truth on the camera.

Her commitment to her students is outstanding. She always looks for ways to bring out the best in each of us. I always feel safe to make mistakes in Nahanni’s class. She creates a learning environment that is friendly and encouraging.

Nahanni taught me how to relax, breathe, and be true to myself while on camera. Working with her has made me calmer and more composed – both in class, in auditions and in real life.

Nahanni has pushed me out of my comfort zone by encouraging and supporting me. I love coaching with her because there is always something fun and unique she brings to a script that I would never have seen on my own.

Nahanni introduced me to a personalized step by step plan on how to succeed in this industry. She’s changed my mindset completely – and given me the power to remain positive even in the face of rejection.

Nahanni has encouraged all of us to create our own work, and control the future of our own careers. She has supported me through my entire creative process. Since collaborating on a short film with fellow student Dylan House (Actor, Writer), I have gained the confidence in myself to pursue acting as a career. I have seen the direct benefits of her teaching – not only on myself but also on her other students.

-Casey McMahon



I was just starting out as an actress when I met Nahanni and owe it to her for giving me the confidence on camera to do what I always innately knew how to. Nahanni keeps it simple and real; allowing you to bring your own authenticity and truth to the material, taking into account the tone and pace. As a successful working actress her insight on the auditioning process and being on set is invaluable. Her charisma, dedication and sense of humour is so refreshing and she always puts me at ease when prepping for an audition. Her constant support, encouragement and advice is what keeps me going in this industry. I’m grateful to have her as a mentor.

-Kristen Kurnik




The agent LOVED my scenes and signed me on the spot! I am in total shock…she said that she loved the work I did on the scenes and how everything went somewhere and wasn’t the same throughout. I told her this means a lot because you and I worked on it a lot. I loved that she got the choices I made spot on. It was really amazing to hear that  all the hard work paid off. Your skill as a coach really helped. You were able to dissect the script and breakdown so many different elements. 

She was like “ok you have to keep Nahanni as your coach” lol of course.

I cannot thank you enough Nahanni. For your continuous support this is the first step in making my dreams come true.
I can’t wait to shine! And thank you when I win my Oscar!

-Roney Lewis




Nahanni came highly recommended as a coach and acting mentor for my 11 year old daughter. Nahanni is an extremely skilled and accomplished actor and teacher, who has a unique ability to connect with children and work with them in a way that is both rigorous as well as nurturing and kind. She seeks to understand the individual child and always preserve the rehearsal or taping space as one that is safe, child centered and supportive. She has challenged my daughter in new, creative ways while developing a solid technique for on-camera work.

Andrea Levinson, mother of Hannah, star of “Ghostwriter”


I had an audition last week for Murdoch Mysteries and I just want to let you know that I employed a number of the techniques that you taught me in your recent classes.  I analyzed the script the way you taught and it really helped sink the lines and character into my head. While waiting in the lounge to be called in, I was aware of the tension racing through the other actors so I did some deep breathing and centered myself.  When I went in the audition room, I took a moment to visualize the environment my character was in. I also to took a relaxing deep breath or two and began.  In some ways I felt like i was following your text book….which brought incredible freedom and conviction to me and my character.  Thank you Nahanni. I booked the job.

-Thomas Rickert



I just wanted to thank you for being so helpful and doing such a great job in our Audition Fundamentals class. I learned so much about the audition process and things to watch for, personally, with regards to breathing, breaking speech patterns, eyelines, walking into/off the mark, and making interesting choices.

I’m really glad I found a studio with such great teachers. It has been a privilege learning from you. After taking the class I feel confident in entering the audition room with all the tools and advice you provided . I am so excited to step into the industry and look forward to booking work!

Amanda D’Souza



“After starting to selftape with Nahanni, my confidence on tape sky rocketed. Each tape I produced, I sent off with total confidence that we captured my best take in a professional-industry leading standard. I was extremely fortunate to be cast as a series regular on a large tv show via a tape that Nahanni and I made. If you are serious about working, work with Nahanni!”

-Robbie Graham-Kuntz



I wanted to send you a quick update on some things happening since I was in class last!
Remember that whole manifestation of becoming Frankie Valli and making a speech and all that? Weeeellllll I got an offer to play Frankie Valli internationally on Norwegian Cruise Lines!!!!!!!! 🙂
Thanks so much for believing in me and convincing me that manifesting would help – I truly think it did.
Every night I would imagine the audition, the callback, and the phone call with the offer. And not I sit here imagining my first days on the stage and I know it’s all going to come true exactly as I envision it.
I would tell myself that there was no world that existed where I was not playing the role in this production hahah, and it happened!
-Niko Combitsis

“Upon my first self tape session with Nahanni it became apparent to me that she not only is a master of the craft but of both the human condition and psychology.  Nahanni effortlessly pulls out the best possible performance from her students with patience, care, and understanding.”

-Peter Loung